Certificate No FS 28125

Supplier No 052349


The mission statement of Chris Wheeler Construction is:

“To provide a quality product and service at the right time in the right place and to the satisfaction of our clients.”

This commitment to quality is fundamental to our business so we have organised our company and personnel to provide an efficient quality management system that our clients can depend upon and  be confident with. We believe that this is the least they could expect from  us.

We are committed to manufacture, supply and install fencing and other associate works to meet the requirements of:

We also ensure that our erectors are fully trained and CSCS certificated

Our quality system  is designed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and may be modified to suit other

National/International Standards, Codes of Practice and also the Client’s specifications.  We have a documented process should deviations from this standard be identified. This will in no way, however, negate the minimum requirements.

The systems and processes of our quality management system and workmanship are reviewed internally and externally by our company’s quality representative, a minimum of four times a year to ensure that our company fully adheres to our quality system and that identified improvement measures are implemented and that competence is maintained.

Our management and our consultants will ensure that our policy is understood by all staff and make sure that adequate resources and infrastructure are made available to implement and maintain the policy to achieve the stated quality aims, objectives and competency.If at any time this is not achieved there are procedures within our system to record and rectify the situation.

Our staff and employees are encouraged to participate in the improvement and maintenance of our system to assist with the achievement of our objectives, therefore help and assistance is given to ensure that they understand their roles with regard to this commitment.

Certificate No. FS 28125