Certificate No FS 28125

Supplier No 052349


We are conscious that our activities affect the environment so we have developed an environmental management policy which is constantly being monitored to ensure it is compliant with the current works that we are carrying out. It will assist in determining aspects relevant to site operations and contract and identify, evaluate and control the impacts and it is revised to suit site specific problems. Environmental considerations form a part of our site risk assessment.

A copy of the policy is available on request,

When necessary we will employ the resources of specialists to assist with environmental matters.

Chris Wheeler Construction is a part of the FSC® Chain of Custody which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests and therefore we only purchase timber from FSC® certificated sawmills and so we are able to offer continuity of the Chain of Custody through to the end user and our clients.

FSC® licence code FSC-C013966

Our Environmental aims and objectives.